Team PJW Testimonials

The following testimonials are from user’s of the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama Workout program. Typical users include new mom’s, busy professionals, and older adults who do not have the time or energy to workout or go to the gym.


The PJW program is a good way to get going in the morning while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew, and if I don’t take the time to go run or to the gym (which is most days) then I don’t feel like a total lazy bum because at least I did something! I think I’m down maybe 3 or 4 pounds so far – only another 10ish to go!

Catherine A.
Business Development Manager


“As a busy mom and full-time student, it has been hard to find a workout routine that I can stick with and enjoy. I have fallen in love with this program! The workout is quick, easy, and fun! My favorite part is the journal. By tracking what I eat, I am encouraged to choose healthier options and drink more water. Within just a few days of starting this program I began to feel more energized and positive. I highly recommend it to everyone!”

Lydia J.
New mom and full-time architectural student


“I am fully on board with TEAM PJW and started my 5-Minute Workout this very morning. I read through the book last night and I’m truly impressed with the program. The message and workout/lifestyle program are personable, straightforward, sincere and just so helpful.”

Donna B.
Mom, grandma, and commercial leasing agent


“It’s great! Thanks so much for the program. I will use it everyday. No excuses not to make 5 minutes for myself, right?”

Sara W.
Mom and teacher


“I do this workout everyday and love it. It has become a part of my morning routine. I am definitely toning up and feeling better. I have lost weight and try to do two sets of everything when I can. The other day I didn’t even have five minutes, so I did it in three minutes! I can see and feel the difference that doing something everyday makes.”

Roberta H.
Mom and business owner


“This has helped me to have more energy and feel more positive, on top of losing weight. I love this program and plan to give it to some of my friends that are too busy to work out.”

Sheryl B.
Mom, grandma, and flight attendant


“Started my 5 Minute Pajama Workout today. Wow! Feel full of energy.”

Michelle K.
Mom and marketing consultant


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