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Mantras for Positive Energy

Jean Vreeland Team PJW MantraMantras for Positive Energy               

Mantras can have amazing power to reframe your thinking. The Team PJW program contains mantras that you can do any time. Simply breathe in the positive mantra and breathe out negative energy.  Mantras are recited during the workout when doing the full body breath. This helps to oxygenate your body and brain for the day and fills your mind with positive messages.

When you are at work, driving, or in other situations, you can practice these mantras to help you stay calm and focused. Simply breathe in the positive message and breathe out the negative message. Visualize your body becoming full of positive calming energy as you inhale fully and all of the negative energy flowing out as you exhale completely. You can do this anytime, anywhere, and it can help you to stay positive when the negative energy of the world creeps in. Practice these mantras and mini meditations throughout the day. I do the mantras and mini meditations when I do the routine each morning. This helps me to feel centered, calm, and positive.

I encourage you to use the mantras in the Team PJW Program guide and to add some of your own. When I do the routine, I take some time to mediate which adds a spiritual and healing element to the program. This is not just a five-minute exercise program. It is a practice and a commitment to good health and positive healing energy that you are doing each day for yourself and for those you love. Taking care of your health is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. To learn more about mantras, order the Team PJW Program!

Here are just a few of the mantras that are included in the Team PJW Program guide.

  • Breathe in Positive Energy – Breathe out Negative Energy
  • Breathe in Joy – Breathe out Sadness
  • Breathe in Abundance – Breathe out Lack
  • Breathe in Love – Breathe out Fear

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