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Heartbreak & Life Transitions

My Pelican

My Pelican

Healing from Heartbreak

We all experience heartbreak in our lives when we risk getting close to someone and it doesn’t work out the way we had hoped. I experienced a very tough breakup earlier this year and I am just now getting to the acceptance phase. It isn’t easy, but we have to move forward in life and look at everything as a learning experience. I’m grateful to have many wonderful people in my life to support me and to help me move forward. I found this following passage in an old journal and decided to share it with my friends.

When someone asks about a past relationship,  I now say, “It didn’t work out, we wanted different things.” End of story. I find this to be the best response when people want to know details about a past relationship. Let it go, close the book, there is no need to discuss the past, in this case, it will only upset you. It is healing to close the book and let it go. Discussing it is counterproductive.

Dwell in the present. Let the past and negative feelings vanish into the air. They do not serve you, they bring you down. We must make an effort to focus on the good and release the negative, in all facets of our lives and lighten up. Discussing the relationship just makes you and others feel badly. I am not telling you to ignore the pain. You must feel the pain and let it go. It takes time, but you can feel it and let it go without talking about it to others. Try to let only good, encouraging, and positive words pass through your lips. You will find miracles happen when you practice this. Encourage and help others and yourself. Do not add to the negative energy in the universe. We must be conscious and mindful about this and as hard as it is, it really is the only way to move forward and lighten up your life. I hope anyone that is experiencing a broken heart will realize that time will heal the pain, and that you will move forward and live and love again. I am still healing, but know I am on a different path, he was not my destiny. We wanted different things.