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    It is practical, easy, enjoyable, and does not require much time or money. It simply requires a commitment to take better care of yourself and your health.

    The Team PJW program and the
    5-Minute Pajama Workout
    help to get the blood and oxygen flowing in the morning. It is simple and fun and does not require any equipment.

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    • Helpful Information, Support and Motivation!
    • Easy Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise Tips
    • The Routine in Detail
    • Workbook to Track Your Progress
    • Journal to Record Your Learnings
    • Unlimited Positive Energy and Inspiration!

    The DVD demonstrates the 5-minute Pajama workout and how to do each of the moves properly to achieve the maximum benefit in the least amount of time.

    Features the Spanish Guitar Music of Mario Olivares www.marioolivares.com

    The Team PJW Guide and Workbook provides information, support and motivation to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You will learn how subtle lifestyle and diet changes can provide major benefits.

    The Journal section contains space to record your weight, plan and record your meals and activities, as well as space to note your physical and emotional state each day. This provides a learning and tracking tool to help monitor and maintain your progress.

    Start each day off with a natural energy boost and a positive commitment to better health with the Team PJW Program.

    The Team PJW Program and the 5-Minute Pajama workout are guaranteed to help you lose weight, tone up, and increase your energy.