Family Fun and Fitness with the Team PJW Program

AmalieKattyFamily Fun and Fitness with the Team PJW Program. Getting to a happy place can be as simple as a 5-Minute Pajama workout! It is interesting that we can get so caught up in worries and anxiety sometimes that we forget how simple it can be to change your attitude and get to a happy place. The other night, I was visiting a friend and we were working together. We were discussing some concerns about work and were feeling a little stressed.

We decided to do the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout with her daughter, Amalie, who is four. We ended up having so much fun. We did a video of our workout together! She loved it and wanted to do it again. This totally changed our attitude and state of mind. We started laughing and having fun and felt so much better.

Family Fitness with Team PJW

Kids love the 5-Minute Pajama Workout because it is quick and easy! You can get them out of bed in their PJ’s and do the workout together and begin your day with a smile. Getting up five minutes earlier to do this together will be good for all of you. You can also do it at night before bed if the mornings are too hectic. Try to do the routine at least three or four days a week to make it a habit. I recommend the morning, because it starts your day with positive energy and helps you to focus on making health a priority for the day.  It is also a great way to form a positive bond with your children. You will be amazed at how quickly your kids will memorize the workout.

The Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout is a happy thing you can do together that can really change your life. This simple routine can become part of your morning, like brushing your teeth and making your bed. It is something you are doing together that is fun and makes you feel good. It also shows your children that you care about health and fitness and sets a great example. Once you memorize the routine, it will be easy to get up and do it together.

The Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama Workout Program can be playtime for you and your children. It can be five minutes of play each day that your children will look forward to sharing with you. Fun physical activity is one of the best anecdotes for adult stress and fun is just natural for kids. They are born to have fun and can help you get back to a joyful childlike place! As they get a little older you can also let them know how important it is for you to do this for your health and that you appreciate doing it together. This will help to motivate them to help you to stay with the program!

Have fun with your kids and take care of yourself. I wish you all the best in 2015 as we continue to make our health a priority each and every day! Order the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout for your family and have fun playing together each day when you do the program! Your children will thank you and you will reap rewards beyond your imagination! Buy Now


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