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The Psychology of the Veggie Tray

veggietrayThe psychology of the veggie tray is really very simple! The veggie tray is a move in the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout program that helps you to visualize a healthy diet as you are doing the move. The power of suggestion and visualizations are very powerful tools that can help you to meet your health and fitness goals.

When you do the veggie tray, you visualize yourself serving healthy organic vegetables to your friends, family, and yourself. You also envision yourself avoiding sugar, processed foods, and starches for the day and eating close to nature. This visualization helps you to prepare for the day and think about eating healthier.

I encourage you to use visualizations when you do the moves in the Team PJW program. Incorporate it into your life for 30 days. Eliminate an unhealthy habit  such as drinking soda and replace it with a healthy habit, like drinking sparkling water with lime and the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama Workout! Start today! Buy now

Happy Baby Psychology


One of my favorite moves in the 5-Minute Pajama Workout is the Happy Baby! For those of you not familiar with this move, it is a yoga move where you lie on your back and bring your legs up and place your hands on the insteps of your feet. You then rock back and forth and then rock from side to side. It is a great stretch and feels really good.

A major part of the Team PJW program is the psychology involved. This is not just a five-minute workout, it is a program that will reframe your thinking and help you to become more positive on a daily basis.
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