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Heartbreak & Life Transitions

My Pelican

My Pelican

Healing from Heartbreak

We all experience heartbreak in our lives when we risk getting close to someone and it doesn’t work out the way we had hoped. I experienced a very tough breakup earlier this year and I am just now getting to the acceptance phase. It isn’t easy, but we have to move forward in life and look at everything as a learning experience. I’m grateful to have many wonderful people in my life to support me and to help me move forward. I found this following passage in an old journal and decided to share it with my friends.

When someone asks about a past relationship,  I now say, “It didn’t work out, we wanted different things.” End of story. I find this to be the best response when people want to know details about a past relationship. Let it go, close the book, there is no need to discuss the past, in this case, it will only upset you. It is healing to close the book and let it go. Discussing it is counterproductive.

Dwell in the present. Let the past and negative feelings vanish into the air. They do not serve you, they bring you down. We must make an effort to focus on the good and release the negative, in all facets of our lives and lighten up. Discussing the relationship just makes you and others feel badly. I am not telling you to ignore the pain. You must feel the pain and let it go. It takes time, but you can feel it and let it go without talking about it to others. Try to let only good, encouraging, and positive words pass through your lips. You will find miracles happen when you practice this. Encourage and help others and yourself. Do not add to the negative energy in the universe. We must be conscious and mindful about this and as hard as it is, it really is the only way to move forward and lighten up your life. I hope anyone that is experiencing a broken heart will realize that time will heal the pain, and that you will move forward and live and love again. I am still healing, but know I am on a different path, he was not my destiny. We wanted different things.

Mario Olivares will be missed

Talent and Generosity

When it comes to talent and geMario Photonerosity, Mario Olivares was truly one of a kind. His beautiful Spanish guitar music and talent is something we all love and admire, however, that just scratches the service of this multifaceted talented and generous man.

I first met Mario when I emailed him with a request to use some of his music on my Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout program. I had listened to his CD and love his music. I decided to see if he would consider letting me use it for my workout program. Not only did he consider it, he called me back to talk about it and was very enthusiastic about it. He was happy for me to use his music and met with me several times to discuss ideas and ways to promote the program. He was so encouraging and supportive. He introduced me to his good friend Brian Christie, whom we met with several times. Brian is a master communicator and a former anchorman for NBC news. He has interviewed people from all walks of life including Henry Kissinger.
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Mantras for Positive Energy

Jean Vreeland Team PJW MantraMantras for Positive Energy               

Mantras can have amazing power to reframe your thinking. The Team PJW program contains mantras that you can do any time. Simply breathe in the positive mantra and breathe out negative energy.  Mantras are recited during the workout when doing the full body breath. This helps to oxygenate your body and brain for the day and fills your mind with positive messages.

When you are at work, driving, or in other situations, you can practice these mantras to help you stay calm and focused. Simply breathe in the positive message and breathe out the negative message. Visualize your body becoming full of positive calming energy as you inhale fully and all of the negative energy flowing out as you exhale completely. You can do this anytime, anywhere, and it can help you to stay positive when the negative energy of the world creeps in. Practice these mantras and mini meditations throughout the day. I do the mantras and mini meditations when I do the routine each morning. This helps me to feel centered, calm, and positive.

I encourage you to use the mantras in the Team PJW Program guide and to add some of your own. When I do the routine, I take some time to mediate which adds a spiritual and healing element to the program. This is not just a five-minute exercise program. It is a practice and a commitment to good health and positive healing energy that you are doing each day for yourself and for those you love. Taking care of your health is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. To learn more about mantras, order the Team PJW Program!

Here are just a few of the mantras that are included in the Team PJW Program guide.

  • Breathe in Positive Energy – Breathe out Negative Energy
  • Breathe in Joy – Breathe out Sadness
  • Breathe in Abundance – Breathe out Lack
  • Breathe in Love – Breathe out Fear

We encourage you to order the complete program for the best results. Buy Now!

Family Fun and Fitness with the Team PJW Program

AmalieKattyFamily Fun and Fitness with the Team PJW Program. Getting to a happy place can be as simple as a 5-Minute Pajama workout! It is interesting that we can get so caught up in worries and anxiety sometimes that we forget how simple it can be to change your attitude and get to a happy place. The other night, I was visiting a friend and we were working together. We were discussing some concerns about work and were feeling a little stressed.

We decided to do the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout with her daughter, Amalie, who is four. We ended up having so much fun. We did a video of our workout together! She loved it and wanted to do it again. This totally changed our attitude and state of mind. We started laughing and having fun and felt so much better.

Family Fitness with Team PJW

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Best Home Flu and Cold Remedies

Best home flu and cold remedies that work!
20121030_170456 2

pic3Years of trying over the counter medicines for the common cold and flu have been replaced with my home remedy that just about always works.

When I feel a sore throat coming on, I gargle with warm salt water. This works amazingly well. Just add a couple of teaspoons of salt to a mug of warm water and gargle. I do this a couple of times a day and before bed for as long as I have the sore throat. It usually goes away in about a day. I also take a very hot shower for as long as I can stand it. This is another amazing cure for the cold or flu. The steam helps to open up the nasal passageways, and being extra clean also helps to wash away germs that may be on your hands and body. The next thing I do is prepare good old fashioned chicken noodle soup. I usually add extra salt, which helps to cut through the mucous.

On top of that extra rest is always helpful. After the gargling, hot shower, and soup, I tuck myself in with a good book, or listen to some nice music and go to bed as early as possible. Rest is always one of my top priorities when I feel
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The Psychology of the Veggie Tray

veggietrayThe psychology of the veggie tray is really very simple! The veggie tray is a move in the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout program that helps you to visualize a healthy diet as you are doing the move. The power of suggestion and visualizations are very powerful tools that can help you to meet your health and fitness goals.

When you do the veggie tray, you visualize yourself serving healthy organic vegetables to your friends, family, and yourself. You also envision yourself avoiding sugar, processed foods, and starches for the day and eating close to nature. This visualization helps you to prepare for the day and think about eating healthier.

I encourage you to use visualizations when you do the moves in the Team PJW program. Incorporate it into your life for 30 days. Eliminate an unhealthy habit  such as drinking soda and replace it with a healthy habit, like drinking sparkling water with lime and the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama Workout! Start today! Buy now

Working Out More Is Less

spinaltwistBlog Spinal TwistModeration is the key to life.


Running is good, but not as good as you’d think. Last week, research was presented at the annual American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions in Washington which showed that runners who average more than 20 miles a week don’t live as long as those who run less than 20 miles a week. It turns out excessive endurance exercise can cause cardiovascular damage… and don’t forget the high-impact effects of running.
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Avoiding Boredom with Workout

JeanRedshirtAvoiding boredom with workouts is easy when the workout is five minutes! Many people tell me that they get bored doing the same routine all the time. I understand this and that is one of the reasons I developed this workout. Because it is so short, it becomes part of your daily routine, like making your bed or brushing your teeth. Once you begin doing this routine on a daily basis you will memorize it and be able to just get out of bed and do it in five minutes. You can change it up a little, and add to it, but you really don’t have to. It is something you do each day for your health and get on with your day. The routine provides a full-body workout that will tone your entire body. It feels good, is enjoyable, and it is quick and easy.

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Team PJW Pajama Party Workout

Jean_teamTeam PJW Pajama Party Workout! A Team PJW Pajama Party Workout Meetup is a great way to get a group together to workout and have some fun. Invite everyone to come in their pajamas and do the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout together. There is something very bonding about everyone showing up in pajamas! 

We recently had our Team PJW Pajama Party Meetup at 3rd Space, which is located in University Heights in San Diego. It was fun to see the variety of pajamas! Continue reading