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    Jean Vreeland, creator of the
    5-Minute Pajama Workout.

    “My hope is that this program will inspire and help you to lead a healthier and happier life.”

    Give the gift of health to yourself or a loved one!

    You must make your health a priority. It is your greatest asset.

    The 5-Minute Pajama Workout helps to get the blood and oxygen flowing in the morning. It is simple and fun and does not require any equipment. It is an excellent full-body workout.

    Building Strength and Getting Fit Five Minutes at a Time!

    The 5-Minute Pajama Workout

    The Workout for Busy People! 
    This only takes five minutes in
    the morning!
    The Workout for People Who Don’t Workout!
    You can do this routine even if you haven’t worked out in years!
  • A five-minute morning routine and fitness plan guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel great!

    Join Team PJW and Get Fit

    Finally a weight loss program and workout that is easy, enjoyable and designed for real people.

    Start each day off with a natural energy boost and a positive commitment to better health with the Team PJW Program.

    No Time to Work Out

    No problem. You can do this workout at home, in your pajamas in as little as five minutes. This weight loss program works by keeping you motivated and energized.

    Burn Fat

    The Five-Minute Pajama Workout is guaranteed to help you lose weight, tone up, and shrink belly fat.

    Increase Energy

    This morning routine gets the blood flowing and the body oxygenated, providing a burst of positive energy that carries you through the day.

    Relieve Anxiety and Depression

    This program helps to relieve depression and anxiety naturally. If you are struggling with excess weight, anxiety, and/or depression, try this for thirty days. When you do the routine daily and follow the guidelines in the book, you will feel and see a difference, guaranteed.

    Lose Weight

    Whether you are eight or eighty, overweight, overworked, or suffering from exhaustion, you can do this program! The Team PJW Program will help you to lose weight and encourage family fitness because it easily fits into your busy schedule.

    Jean Vreeland
    Creator of the Team PJW Workout Program

    “By giving yourself  this gift each morning, you will feel better about yourself each day and be more positive and energetic in all areas of your life. This program has made a huge difference in my life. I am continuing to lose weight and tone up, but more importantly, my attitude and frame of mind has completely improved.”